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Talking Tech

KOPN Tech Radio is a talk radio show that airs live on 89.5 FM KOPN in Columbia, Missouri, every Monday from 6-7 PM (Central Time).  We read and discuss the latest and most interesting stories on technology, science, space, and more.  Our show is also available via internet radio and in podcast form.

We are not so great at the regular blogging, but we tweet our stories throughout the week and our shows are podcasted regularly.

This Week’s Show (7/30/2012)

On this week’s show, we talked about Olympics-related tech, the BlackHat/DefCon/HOPE conferences, Google Fiber in Kansas City, using 3D printers to make guns, and the fact that Buckyballs have NOT been banned- they’ve only just been recalled so that they can be relabeled.

Links to stories from this week’s show (7/30/2012) are available on Delicious here:

I forgot to post after last week’s show, but links to stories from last week’s show (7/23/2012) are available on Delicious here:

Delicious has decided to do away with stacks, which is how we’ve been grouping our links for each show.  The stacks will be converted to tags instead.  We are disappointed with this development, and we hope our links aren’t going to break, but I will try to fix them if they do.  And we will try to keep posting after each show.

I set up a feeder to send Delicious posts to Twitter, and it’s working very well.  Follow us there and you can keep up to date on the week’s news!  Feel free to send us your own stories, and we may use them on our next show!!/KOPNTechRadio

This Week’s Show (7/16/2012)

On our show this week, we discussed Microsoft Office 2013 (aka Office 15), the new CEO of Yahoo (Melissa Mayer, formerly of Google), EPEAT and Apple, and various other stories from the past week in tech.

Here’s a link to this week’s stack of stories on Delicious:

Stories are now tweeted over on Twitter, if you want to follow us there.  Our podcasts can also be streamed live via links on Twitter, and are automatically posted there when they’re made live.  Thanks to the volunteers who do the podcasting for us!

Last Night’s Show (4/9/2012)

We’ve been using to track our stories for each week’s show.  You can view the stories that we reported last night in this stack, or you can track next week’s shows as we add them over the next week before our show on April 16.

Last night’s show covered topics such as the Microsoft purchase of AOL and Netscape (mostly for patents), Facebook’s purchase of Instagram (for a billion dollars), the Trojan infection of half a million Macs, the hack of Medicaid servers in Utah, textbook project Boundless Learning, and a bunch of other stuff.

Public service announcement:
There will be free electronics recycling on the University of Missouri campus later in April.  The Sustain Mizzou program will be collecting old electronics on Lowry Mall (look for the trailer by the Student Success Center, across from Ellis Library) and in the MU Student Center (tables will be by the information desk).  This will be available from April 23 – 25 from 10am – 2pm.  More information available at the Sustain Mizzou website.

Join us for our show next week!

Stories from Last Night’s Show (4/2/2012)

Links to last night’s shows available in this stack on  You shouldn’t need to log in to see the links and read the stories.

We had lots of discussion on this year’s April Fools’ Day celebrations around the web, commentary on this week’s Creepy App of the Week (Girls Around Me), flying cars, unauthorized cell phone surveillance, the Visa security breach, and more.

We also gave a plug to a movie opening this weekend: Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.  This is a hugely nerdy movie starring geeks and nerds and fans in their element at Comic-Con in San Diego, which Tech Radio always loves.  But not only that, this film also has major ties to our hometown Columbia, Missouri!  The film follows Columbia’s own Skip Harvey, a local comic artist and bartender, as he prepares his portfolio for review at Comic-Con.  There are lots of shots in CoMO, including shots of Eastside Tavern’s Geek Night (held on Mondays, conveniently following the airing of KOPN Tech Radio).  The film gets a wide release this Friday, April 6, and we hope you’ll check it out.  Some of us saw it at the True/False Film Fest last month, and it was great!

Last Night’s Show, 2/27/2012

Stories from last night’s show (in no particular order):

Tongue Drive uses dental retainer and tongue piercing to control wheelchair :

GPS spoofers– devices that create false GPS signals to fool receivers into thinking they are somewhere they aren’t– could be used for high-frequency financial trading fraud:

Flowers grown from 30,000-year-old fruit :

Skier saved from deadly avalanche by airbag backpack :

NYT sez: Google to sell Android-based heads-up display glasses this year :

Google and Adobe team up to make Flash Player for Linux :

Nightline’s Foxconn report offers revealing look at factory:

Google Fiber just got better– Google asks permission to provide video service to Kansas City :

iPad owners are far more likely to be able to claim they are considerably richer than you :
– survey conducted by US market watcher NPD
– more than 40% of iPad owners have a household income in excess of $100,000 annually
– only 26% of owners of other tablets (Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows) were as well-heeled

Fraunhover’s Full-HD Voice brings high-fidelity VoLTE to Android smartphones :

Court rules that TrueCrypt user cannot be compelled to decrypt hard disk
(fifth amendment upheld) :

New password-snatching Mac trojan is spreading in the wild :

Facebook started out building its own data centers, and then their own servers. Now they’re building their own storage hardware :
– extends philosophy of ‘vanity-free engineering’
– eliminating any ancillary components around the drive itself, to make it more serviceable

iFixit examines alleged iPad 3 display, confirms doubled resolution :
– iPad 2 has 1024×768
– new display has 2048×1536

Apple patents design for ultra-thin keyboard :

Physicists pinpoint W boson, narrow search for the Higgs :

After US v. Jones, FBI turns off 3,000 GPS tracking devices : – FBI sought court orders in some cases to obtain permission to turn the devices on again briefly, in order to locate and retrieve them

Google+ gets unblocked in China; President Obama’s page flooded with comments

Researchers have developed optical memory devices that could find their way into future all-optical routing devices :
– based on optical cavities that can be switched between light-transmitting and light-blocking states to construct digital signals
– new memory cells use just 30 nanowatts of power, 300x less than previous designs, and can retain data for up to one full microsecond, which is long enough to support processing

Android ‘phablets’ like the Galaxy Note are a big thing a MWC 2012 :

Carrier iQ– remember them?– opens up iQCare diagnostics platform to smartphone end users :

AT&T service in the works to let app developers pay for their users’ data use
– why would anyone do this? :

London Sunday Times is reporting that Facebook read SMS text messages of users who downloaded the FB smartphone app for Android :
– FB admitted to reading text messages as part of a trial to launch its own messaging service
– it’s not clear if FB has discontinued this practice

Three of the four DC lobbying firms Facebook had hired abruptly terminated their contracts
– Politico is reporting that the firms are siding with content providers (Hollywood) in their fight against Internet firms in the growing battle on Capitol Hill

East Africa’s high-speed Internet access is severely disrupted after a ship drops anchor into fiber optic cables off Kenya’s coast :

IBM researchers image electrical charge distribution inside a single molecule :

HTC has signed a deal with Dropbox to better compete against iCloud :

Facebook mobile operator billing opens app economy to the credit card-less :

Prosthetics breakthrough might fuse nerves with fake limbs :

Lego International Space Station built aboard the real ISS :


KOPN Tech Radio on Social Media

Did you know that KOPN Tech Radio has a Twitter account?  Yes, we do!  We are @kopntechradio on Twitter.

That is a great place for you to send us some tech news if you’ve got a story that sounds like it would be up our alley.

We’ve also got it set so that podcasts will be linked through Twitter every time they’re ready to go.  You can stream them right through the web browser.  If you like our podcasts but don’t regularly subscribe to them, this might work well for you.  We’re hoping to use Twitter more in the future, but (despite our predilection for the latest in science and tech) we are not fast movers.

We are also on Facebook, so you can send us your stories there too.

Both of these links are in the sidebar.

News Bytes

Canada reverses metered Internet decision

Tonight in New York, Sprint will release the Kyocera Echo, the first dual-touchscreen smartphone, with a David Blaine stunt

Alcatel-Lucent showed off lightRadio tech today that shrinks mobile phone base stations to the size of a golf ball (covering a smaller area than traditional base stations)

Adult stem cell research hits a snag– reprogrammed stem cells are loaded with errors

American Medical settles US case in which an employee was dismissed over what was said about her employer on her Facebook account

Japan’s Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry finds infringing anime downloads increase DVD sales

We’re now totally, officially out of IPv4 address space

‘Dating’ site imports 250,000 Facebook profiles/photos without permission

3D printing service receives an order for an ATM skimmer, tells client to go take a hike

Hotmail brings back throw-away email accounts

Nasdaq hackers target service for corporate boards
– Nasdaq admits hackers planted malware on web porta

Sony is demanding that a federal judge order Google to surrender the IP address and other identifying info of those who have viewed or commented about a Playstation 3 jailbreak video on YouTube

United Space Alliance is considering a $1.5 billion per year proposal to take the space shuttle fleet private post-2011 buys OKCupid

Apple slow to respond to counterfeit version of ‘Lugaru’ on Mac App Store

New technique for making JPEG still images copy-evident

There are ‘USB autorun’ attacks against Linux now, in addition to Windows

A bug in Oracle’s Java programming framework causes computers to freeze when they encounter certain numerical values with large numbers of decimal places, a flaw that makes websites susceptible to highly efficient DDoS attacks

Flickering screen when using powerpoint

A caller stumped the panel on their flickering Powerpoint application.

Try this: