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News Bytes for 10/26/2009

Ukraine war memorial statue switches its eternal flame from natural gas to LED, adds cell antenna for extra cheeziness

America’s newest and largest solar plant set to go live in Florida

New technique lets computers identify versions of the same song

Universal mini-USB phone charger approved by UN body

French “Internet 3 strikes” law now on the books

Supersonic business jet in the works

iPhone’s WiFi behavior allows its traffic to be sniffed in realtime using new hotspot software

Brother creates direct retinal imaging specs

Record 12-million-digit prime number nets $100,000 prize

Toshiba Dynario fuel-cell: the battery revolution begins Oct. 29th

GE VScan portable ultrasound device — hello, tri-corder

Volunteers wanted for simulated 520-day Mars mission

News Bytes for 1/4/2010

LOCAL: Dean of Stephens College invites students to power down and contemplate in a return to campus vespers services

Programmer conned CIA and the Pentagon into buying bogus anti-terror code

US Air Force says video feeds from drones can’t be properly encrypted until 2014

Attack of the RAM scrapers: beware of malware aimed at grabbing point-of-sale data

Has humanity reached a tipping point with space debris?

Malware authors and botnet masters are starting their own ISPs

The Chinese government is attempting a porn-free web

Are HP webcams racist?

The creators of VLC are going to release a video editor

Coronary artery drill gets cleared for use, sensor distinguishes between various kinds of plaque

‘Bumpy’ whale fins set to spark a revolution in aerodynamics

Researchers develop tiny, autonomous piezoelectric energy harvester

This just in: ‘lifeless’ prion proteins are ‘capable of evolution’

Underground, web-based services allow virus writers to ‘check their work’

Stem cell therapy restores British man’s eyesight

News Bytes for 12/14/2009

Dark Matter particle may have been discovered, using an underground mine physics experiment in Minnesota

Apple expels group of iPhone developers and their 1000 apps from the App Store after reviews scam

DARPA awards project to Texas A&M to study “temporary hibernation” treatment on pigs, for use on future injured soldiers on the battlefield

Russian cybercrook gets 18 months for IRS e-filing scam

TJX card hacker pleads guilty to Heartland Payment Systems breach

LCD maker pleads guilty to price fixing

AT&T promises network improvements, hints at 3G data caps in large cities

Google CEO says privacy doesn’t matter: If you want to keep something private, “maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” This after Google blacklists CNet for violating their CEO’s privacy.

Study finds Americans consume 34GB of information every day

Company trains the autistic to test software

Facebook’s new push for public data runs aground as founders’ pictures are made public and they reconsider

GAO says FCC needs better oversight of the wireless industry42% of people who want to switch carriers don’t switch due to early-termination charges

Method to repair damaged adult nerves discovered

News Bytes for 11/30/2009

Apple makes nice with Rogue Amoeba software house

77 percent of Facebook fan pages have under 1,000 fans

Microsoft advice against using Nehalem Xeon processors snuffed out online

Chrome OS hacked to run on Dell’s Mini 10V, WiFi and all

Spin polarization achieved at room temperature, elusive miracles now less elusive

New banking trojan is a formidable foe

Will iconic Technics 1200 DJ turntable be discontinued?

Man pleads guilty to selling fake computer chips to US Navy

Mobile web traffic increasing rapidly for non-smartphones

Wikileaks publishes 500,000 9/11 pager messages

Programmable magnets are now a reality

Man invents electric lobster taser– a humane alternative to boiling them alive

News Bytes for 11-23-2009

“Anonymous” newspaper web site commenter is outed, he quits his job in response

Malaria gaining resistance to best available treatment

Anti-smoking vaccine is nearing the market

Aging nuclear stockpile good for decades to come

Cyberattacks on US military jump sharply in 2009

As humans evolve, our brains are actually shrinking

Computer “glitch” grounds air traffic last week

Hacked emails fuel and confuse global warming debate

YouTube introduces automatic captions for deaf viewers

Outrage grows over India’s massive ID plan

The Illustrated Man: How LED tattoos could make your skin into a screen

Bizarre Droid phone auto-focus bug revealed

IBM makes a machine at least as smart as your cat

New study confirms exotic electric properties of graphene

Become the pied piper of mucus with an important invention of 2009, the lung flute

V-22 Osprey and new stealth jumpjet need refrigerated landing pads

Transborder immigrant tool helps Mexicans cross over safely

News Bytes for 11/2/2009

Microsoft bails from Family Guy Windows 7 special

Microsoft to open up Outlook’s .PST data file format

The British couple captured by Somali pirates blogged their sailing trip prior to capture

IT leaders trust Microsoft more than Google, 2-to-1

Cybercrooks trick Gawker family of blogs into serving malware-laced advertisement

UN to use SMS-text-based food vouchers with Iraqi refugees

Scientists discover gene that ‘cancer-proofs’ cells naturally occurring in naked mole rats

New form of quantum entanglement plays with time and energy

Latent kill switches in military tech may have been used in Israel’s strike on Syrian radar sites in 2007

Key component in the first commercially-viable fusion reactor comes from coconut shells– The Professor approves

Ares 1-X booster rocket dented in test flight

The iPhone Apple makes for the Chinese market has no WiFi

Movie studios launch Epix high-def, 720p, on-demand movies on the FiOS network

Jet cars and secret weapons: the ‘impossible’ Emdrive

The U.S. Skies are safer than they have ever been – except for that Cancer-causing X-ray part.

Technology Review has published a spectrum analysis of the TetraHertz Microwave “frisking” scanners have concluded that DNA strands are very easily “unzipped” by these radio waves.  ”

“Alexandrov and co have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they’ve found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That’s a jaw dropping conclusion. “

Summon the ROFL Copter!

Space Travel we can all enjoy

For a mere $800 and less time it takes to build a rocket to the moon, you can build a tribute to Atari’s 1979 ‘Lunar Lander’ video game.

The Eagle has landed

Need more contumed freaks after Halloween?

What a MESH!

What a MESH!

WARNING – PROBABLY not safe for work!