News Stories from 8/29 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on this week’s show (8/29/2011):

  • Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Computers; will now be Chairman of the Board.  (link) (link)  Meet Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO. (link)
  • Wall Street Journal reports that the iPhone 5 will be coming to Sprint in October. (link).  Sprint employees were instructed earlier this week to answer “no comment” to any requests for information about the iPhone release.  (link)
  • Apple hires iPhone hacker & creator of JailBreakMe website (link)
  • Missouri teachers union MSTA wins injunction against section of Senate Bill due to go into effect this week that would ban student-teacher connections on social media sites. (link)
  • NASA turns to Kickstarter to raise funds to finish its MMO (link)
  • LinkedIn “pulls a Facebook”; changes default privacy settings without notifying users (link)
  • Twitter is rolling out HTTPS as default (link)
  • San Francisco Transit Board is developing a cellphone policy (link)
  • “Within a minute of [last week]‘s earthquake, there were more than 40,000 earthquake-related Tweets.” (link)
  • MP3tunes verdict: music lockers are legal (link)
  • Apache warns web server admins of DoS attack tool (link)
  • Samsung cites 2001: A Space Odyssey as prior art in iPad patent battle (link)
News Bytes:
  • Russia is planning to build a tunnel to Alaska across the Bering Strait (link)
  • 92 minutes/week: the least amount of exercise needed to extend life (link)
  • $9000 in stolen camera gear recovered through a Flickr search (link)
  • Facebook was viewed one trillion times by 870 million people in July (link).  Social networking is now more popular than online porn.
  • Twitter co-founders are announcing their first project since leaving Twitter: a partnership with Lift, an app designed to “unlock the human potential”.  (link)
  • Astronomers have discovered a planet made of diamond (link)
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2 Responses to News Stories from 8/29 Show

  1. FeliciaHeartsong

    Re: the naked teacher webcam fiasco: I believe the point you missed is that the security firm COULD have simply extracted the face and maybe the name of the woman. They did NOT need to share the nude picture(s) with the school. The schools business is who has possession of the laptop, not how it was being used.

  2. Yes, agreed! Thanks for the comment. Here’s an article that I used for reference:, which indicates that the usual routine in these investigations is just to collect an IP address and provide that to law enforcement officials. The investigator went further than that to monitor web use and email and collect the screenshots of the video chatting. It is my impression from the video that this was not done automatically or at timed intervals; the article indicates that the investigator seemed to track these live. In any case, the couple can sue the investigators.