News Stories from 9/5 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on this week’s show (9/5/2011):

  • A limited supply of HP TouchPads will be manufactured, presumably to meet existing backorders (link).  Why would HP make more TouchPads to sell at a loss? (link)
  • Amazon has made a tablet and reports suggest that it is large, color, and runs a forked OS that replaces the Google Marketplace (link).  Here’s a first-person account from TechCrunch: link.
  • Wikileaks loses control over diplomatic cables, exposes sources (link) (link).  They blame it on the UK Guardian (link).
  • Apple employee loses an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar.  Just like last year! (link)  Police escorted Apple investigators to do a search of a house, but the phone was not found. (link)
  • During Apple’s Q3 Financials, Peter Oppenheimer mentioned an upcoming product transition.  What could it be?  (link)
  • The US Justice Department blocks AT&T’s $39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile, saying it would reduce competition and raise prices for consumers (link).  AT&T is willing to make concessions to save the merger (link).
  • Last Tuesday (8/30/11), Vasco Data Security subsidiary DigiNotar detected a security breach that forced it to issue improper certificates, including one for (link) (link).  Firefox 6.0.1 update does nothing except revoke root cert for DigiNotar.
  • Couple can sue laptop-tracking company for recording sexually-explicit communications in an effort to identify laptop thieves (link).
News Bytes:
  • Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda resigns from Slashdot (link)
  • Internet worm dubbed ‘Morto’ spreads via Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) (link)
  • In just three weeks, Facebook has paid out $40K to hackers reporting bugs in software (link)
  • Linus Torvalds announces he will be distributing Linux kernel via Github until servers are fully operational again (link).  Github will be turned into a mirror when is back up (link).
  • CloudStack, the same software used by Zynga, Godaddy, and 60 other of the largest clouds in use today, goes completely open source (link)
  • Apple rolls out iTunes Match music service to developers, but it’s not really streaming (link).  Apple confirms that iCloud won’t offer iTunes streaming to iOS (link).
  • Panda poo is a source of remarkably efficient enzyme-producing bacteria able to break down plant material for cheaper and more efficient production of biofuels (link)
  • Lasers can make rain! (link)
  • Sony unveils Android tablets (link)
  • Apache squashes devastating bug under attack (link)
  • BMW tests an autonomous vehicle (link)
  • CNBC says Facebook will launch a music service on September 22 (link)
  • FEMA determines how bad a hurricane is by, among other things, checking if the Waffle House is open (link)
  • Chinese scientists want to lasso an asteroid into Earth’s orbit, then try to mine it (link)
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