News Stories from 9/19 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on last night’s show (9/19/2011):

  • Windows 8!  Tablets previewed hands-on by Engadget, others (link).
  • Microsoft presents at Build 2011 (link).
  • Windows 8 has two web browsers (link).  Windows 8 will have an ‘app store’ selling both Metro-style and conventional Win32 applications (link).
  • Windows 8 can reportedly run on an Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM (link).  It’s been run on Macs via Bootcamp (link).  But there will be no Windows 8 ARM support for x86 apps (link).
  • Microsoft says Windows 8 browsers will be plug-in free (link).  Is this the death of Flash?  Some say yes (link), some say no (link).  Adobe says Flash is an exception to Windows 8′s ‘no plug-ins’ (link).
  • Bitcasa plans to offer unlimited cloud storage for $10/month (link); CEO explains its encryption (link).
  • Facebook adds a new ‘subscription’ feature (link)
  • Missouri State Teachers’ Association (MSTA) secures a win in Missouri state Senate repealing Facebook law (link).
  • New patent reform law doesn’t really affect the serious problems with software patent law (link).
  • Netflix to spin off its DVD service and call it Qwikster; will keep Netflix streaming separate and start charging you two separate fees for the services (link).  But they forgot to secure the Qwikster Twitter account first (link).
News bytes:
  • Substance in brown algae could increase storage capacity of batteries (link)
  • All future Android versions to be optimized for Intel as well as ARM (link)
  • Intel mandates that universities receiving funds from the company for research not file their own patents on said research (link)
  • Actor and Screen Actors Guild member who leaked Black Swan and other first-run films to BitTorrent has pled guilty to a single criminal copyright-infringement charge.  (link)
  • Google announces Flight Search, product of their acquisition of ITA Software last year (link)
  • iOS 5 expected to launch in early October (link)
  • New scientific study suggests that overconfidence may improve your success rate (link)
  • YouTube adds video editing tools right in the browser (link)
  • Google+ API made available to developers (link)
  • AT&T to officially deploy its LTE network Sept 18th (link) but 97% of Americans won’t get it on day 1 (link)
  • Koomey’s Law: energy efficiency in microprocessors roughly doubles every two years (link)
  • Google offers opt-out from WiFi router database (link)
  • Dinosaur feathers found in Canadian amber (link)

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