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This is possible a great advance in diagnosis and treatment. Quite non invasive, uses a bio-product and is easily delivered & “flushed” from the system.


News Stories from 9/19 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on last night’s show (9/19/2011):

  • Windows 8!  Tablets previewed hands-on by Engadget, others (link).
  • Microsoft presents at Build 2011 (link).
  • Windows 8 has two web browsers (link).  Windows 8 will have an ‘app store’ selling both Metro-style and conventional Win32 applications (link).
  • Windows 8 can reportedly run on an Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM (link).  It’s been run on Macs via Bootcamp (link).  But there will be no Windows 8 ARM support for x86 apps (link).
  • Microsoft says Windows 8 browsers will be plug-in free (link).  Is this the death of Flash?  Some say yes (link), some say no (link).  Adobe says Flash is an exception to Windows 8′s ‘no plug-ins’ (link).
  • Bitcasa plans to offer unlimited cloud storage for $10/month (link); CEO explains its encryption (link).
  • Facebook adds a new ‘subscription’ feature (link)
  • Missouri State Teachers’ Association (MSTA) secures a win in Missouri state Senate repealing Facebook law (link).
  • New patent reform law doesn’t really affect the serious problems with software patent law (link).
  • Netflix to spin off its DVD service and call it Qwikster; will keep Netflix streaming separate and start charging you two separate fees for the services (link).  But they forgot to secure the Qwikster Twitter account first (link).
News bytes:
  • Substance in brown algae could increase storage capacity of batteries (link)
  • All future Android versions to be optimized for Intel as well as ARM (link)
  • Intel mandates that universities receiving funds from the company for research not file their own patents on said research (link)
  • Actor and Screen Actors Guild member who leaked Black Swan and other first-run films to BitTorrent has pled guilty to a single criminal copyright-infringement charge.  (link)
  • Google announces Flight Search, product of their acquisition of ITA Software last year (link)
  • iOS 5 expected to launch in early October (link)
  • New scientific study suggests that overconfidence may improve your success rate (link)
  • YouTube adds video editing tools right in the browser (link)
  • Google+ API made available to developers (link)
  • AT&T to officially deploy its LTE network Sept 18th (link) but 97% of Americans won’t get it on day 1 (link)
  • Koomey’s Law: energy efficiency in microprocessors roughly doubles every two years (link)
  • Google offers opt-out from WiFi router database (link)
  • Dinosaur feathers found in Canadian amber (link)

News Stories from 9/12 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on last night’s show (9/12/2011):

  • Abbie loves Spotify (link)
  • DigiNotar hacker says he stole huge GlobalSign cache (link).  Second firm pulls digital certificates (link).  Mozilla asks all CAs to audit their security systems (link).  Google says SSL alternative won’t be added to Chrome (link).  Apple releases Security update for OS X to block hacked web certificates (link).
  • Google buys Zagat (link)
  • Judge for National Labor Relations Board rules that employees can’t be fired for making complaints on Facebook (link)
  • In Mexico, ‘Twitter terrorists’ face 30 years in prison for inciting panic (link)
  • Nike will auction off 150 pairs of shoes that look like Marty McFly’s futuristic pair from Back to the Future 2; will raise money for Parkinson’s research (link).  Shoes are already fetching $2500 on eBay (link)
  • GameStop to bring Android-based gaming tablet to market (link)
  • Amazon considering an e-book rental system similar to Netflix (link)
  • ICANN .XXX domain names have arrived (link)
  • New ‘super-Earth’ planets found, some might be habitable (link)
News Bytes:
  • Follow-up: Ohio woman settles suit over laptop recovery team spying on her sex chats (link)
  • Iridium launches WiFi hotspot for extreme roaming- at $1 per minute for a data plan that promises sub-dialup speeds (link)
  • Amazon is deploying rentable delivery lockers to 7-Eleven stores in Seattle (link)
  • Sprint sues to block AT&T/T-Mobile merger (link)
  • California decides consumers must be notified directly of data breaches (link)
  • Researchers demo full-duplex wireless: double the throughput with no new towers (link)
  • Sony announces a 4K projector for the home (link)
  • Michael S. Hart, e-book inventor and Project Gutenberg founder, dies at age 64 (link)
  • Scientists create new type of superconducting wires, made from spun sapphire crystals (link)
  • Researchers’ exercise in typosquatting steals 20GB of email intended for Fortune 500 recipients (link)
  • NBC twitter feed compromised on 9/11; fake news reports of new terrorist attacks posted to it (link)

News Stories from 9/5 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on this week’s show (9/5/2011):

  • A limited supply of HP TouchPads will be manufactured, presumably to meet existing backorders (link).  Why would HP make more TouchPads to sell at a loss? (link)
  • Amazon has made a tablet and reports suggest that it is large, color, and runs a forked OS that replaces the Google Marketplace (link).  Here’s a first-person account from TechCrunch: link.
  • Wikileaks loses control over diplomatic cables, exposes sources (link) (link).  They blame it on the UK Guardian (link).
  • Apple employee loses an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar.  Just like last year! (link)  Police escorted Apple investigators to do a search of a house, but the phone was not found. (link)
  • During Apple’s Q3 Financials, Peter Oppenheimer mentioned an upcoming product transition.  What could it be?  (link)
  • The US Justice Department blocks AT&T’s $39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile, saying it would reduce competition and raise prices for consumers (link).  AT&T is willing to make concessions to save the merger (link).
  • Last Tuesday (8/30/11), Vasco Data Security subsidiary DigiNotar detected a security breach that forced it to issue improper certificates, including one for Google.com (link) (link).  Firefox 6.0.1 update does nothing except revoke root cert for DigiNotar.
  • Couple can sue laptop-tracking company for recording sexually-explicit communications in an effort to identify laptop thieves (link).
News Bytes:
  • Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda resigns from Slashdot (link)
  • Internet worm dubbed ‘Morto’ spreads via Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) (link)
  • In just three weeks, Facebook has paid out $40K to hackers reporting bugs in software (link)
  • Linus Torvalds announces he will be distributing Linux kernel via Github until kernel.org servers are fully operational again (link).  Github will be turned into a mirror when kernel.org is back up (link).
  • CloudStack, the same software used by Zynga, Godaddy, and 60 other of the largest clouds in use today, goes completely open source (link)
  • Apple rolls out iTunes Match music service to developers, but it’s not really streaming (link).  Apple confirms that iCloud won’t offer iTunes streaming to iOS (link).
  • Panda poo is a source of remarkably efficient enzyme-producing bacteria able to break down plant material for cheaper and more efficient production of biofuels (link)
  • Lasers can make rain! (link)
  • Sony unveils Android tablets (link)
  • Apache squashes devastating bug under attack (link)
  • BMW tests an autonomous vehicle (link)
  • CNBC says Facebook will launch a music service on September 22 (link)
  • FEMA determines how bad a hurricane is by, among other things, checking if the Waffle House is open (link)
  • Chinese scientists want to lasso an asteroid into Earth’s orbit, then try to mine it (link)
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News Stories from 8/29 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on this week’s show (8/29/2011):

  • Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Computers; will now be Chairman of the Board.  (link) (link)  Meet Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO. (link)
  • Wall Street Journal reports that the iPhone 5 will be coming to Sprint in October. (link).  Sprint employees were instructed earlier this week to answer “no comment” to any requests for information about the iPhone release.  (link)
  • Apple hires iPhone hacker & creator of JailBreakMe website (link)
  • Missouri teachers union MSTA wins injunction against section of Senate Bill due to go into effect this week that would ban student-teacher connections on social media sites. (link)
  • NASA turns to Kickstarter to raise funds to finish its MMO (link)
  • LinkedIn “pulls a Facebook”; changes default privacy settings without notifying users (link)
  • Twitter is rolling out HTTPS as default (link)
  • San Francisco Transit Board is developing a cellphone policy (link)
  • “Within a minute of [last week]‘s earthquake, there were more than 40,000 earthquake-related Tweets.” (link)
  • MP3tunes verdict: music lockers are legal (link)
  • Apache warns web server admins of DoS attack tool (link)
  • Samsung cites 2001: A Space Odyssey as prior art in iPad patent battle (link)
News Bytes:
  • Russia is planning to build a tunnel to Alaska across the Bering Strait (link)
  • 92 minutes/week: the least amount of exercise needed to extend life (link)
  • $9000 in stolen camera gear recovered through a Flickr search (link)
  • Facebook was viewed one trillion times by 870 million people in July (link).  Social networking is now more popular than online porn.
  • Twitter co-founders are announcing their first project since leaving Twitter: a partnership with Lift, an app designed to “unlock the human potential”.  (link)
  • Astronomers have discovered a planet made of diamond (link)
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Columbia One Read on KOPN Tech Radio

Just a friendly reminder about the Columbia One Read program!  KOPN Tech Radio will devote one show in September to discussing the One Read book selection, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, so get to reading!

The book is available widely at both libraries and bookstores in our area.  Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia has many copies in print, audiobook, ebook, and downloadable audiobook formats.  Additionally, KOPN will be broadcasting the audiobook recording of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks several times in the month of September.

Many other KOPN programs in September will be dedicating shows to discussing the book in detail, and many community events have been and will be organized to discuss the story.  For a full list of these events and a list of the dates when the audiobook will be broadcast on KOPN, head on over to the Daniel Boone Regional Library website.

We haven’t selected a date for our Tech Radio discussion, but it will be later in the month of September to allow you a chance to catch one of the audiobook broadcasts.  Please note that we will discuss the book in depth, including what may be considered spoilers.  (Are there spoilers when it comes to nonfiction books?)

News Stories from 8/15 Show

Links to news stories we discussed on this week’s show (8/15/2011):

  • Google bought Motorola for $12.5 billion (link). Possible reasons for this surprise acquisition: Motorola’s 24,000 patents (link) or its set-top box market (link).  But this definitely probably affects Android OEMs (link).
  • San Francisco BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system shut down cell service in downtown stations to interfere with a protest (link).  The FCC is investigating (link).
  • Fraudster jailed after pillaging Facebook accounts for personal information (link)
  • Citrix Receiver app opens Windows for Chromebook owners (link)
  • Chinese authorities find 22 more fake Apple stores (link)
  • Britain proposes a social-media ban for those who foment unrest (link)
  • New study suggests that broadband internet access makes us more socially active (link).
News bytes:
  • Atom-thick sheets of graphene found floating in space (link)
  • Ingenious baker invents vending machine that dispenses fresh baguettes (link)
  • Mussels with their own hydrogen fuel cells found at the bottom of the ocean (link)
  • Nintendo pressured by shareholders to make games for iOS (link)
  • New drug may be able to counter any biological virus (link)
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News Stories from 8/8 Show

Links to the news stories we discussed on last night’s show (8/8/2011):

  • Solar storms may cause disruptions to satellite, telecommunications, and electric equipment.  (link)
  • Black Hat Conference/Defcon are two conferences that run back to back (as a caller was kind enough to clarify for us last night).  They were held in Las Vegas over last week.  Several stories about the conference: Square card skimmer used to collect stolen credit card numbers (link); OS X network security condemned (link); Chrome OS hacks expose vulnerabilities (link); DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks (link); 10-year-old presents on iOS and Android game exploits as part of the new Defcon Kids offshoot (link).
  • Amazon is bringing the Virtual Private Cloud out of beta and calling it Amazon Direct Connect.  It allows a dedicated network connection from the customer’s worksite to AWS without passing through the public internet.  (link)
News Byte links:
  • Anonymous hacks Syria’s Ministry of Defense website (link)
  • Comcast will offer $10/month broadband to low-income families as part of its deal with NBC/Universal (link)
  • A belt of antimatter has been discovered around Earth (link)
  • A sequel to Cosmos (the Carl Sagan TV series) will be hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and produced by Seth MacFarlane (link)
  • Caltech researchers have created an optical diode that uses linear, rather than non-linear, materials (link)
  • Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is ready and will start domestic service for All Nippon Airways in September (link)
  • New Google Chrome extension adds text-based document collaboration to Google+ Hangouts (link)
  • Chinese smugglers caught transporting Apple goods via zipline into Hong Kong (link)
  • You can join Cern’s hunt for the Higgs boson (link)
  • SETI meets crowd-funding target to resurrect Allen Telescope Array (link)
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News Stories from 8/1 Show

Links to the news stories we discussed on last night’s show (8/1/2011):

  • New Missouri Law says teachers and students cannot be friends on Facebook or other social media (link)
  • University of Missouri announced Wednesday that it is joining the Gig-U Project, an effort to build ultra-high-speed data networks in the local communities of top colleges.  (link)
  • Scientists discover ‘tipping point for spread of ideas’ (link)
  • Foxconn (manufacturer of the iPhone and other Apple products) has announced that it is planning to ‘hire’ 1 million robots (link)
  • MS-DOS turns 30 (link); MTV turns 30 (link).  And the IBM Selectric Typewriter turns 50 (link).
  • Akamai released its State of the Internet Report for 2011 (link).
News Byte Links:
  • In 2000, consoles made up 80% of the games industry. Now EA’s CEO says consoles are only 40% of the pie. What happened? iOS happened.  (link)
  • New IEEE wireless standard makes use of TV frequency whitespace to deliver broadband data speeds 62 miles (or 12,000 square miles)– say hello to 802.22.  They will be known as WRAN (Wireless Regional Area Networks).  (link)
  • AppleTV streams purchased TV shows– not just rentals– from the cloud after latest update (link)
  • Kawai has an iPhone camera app that scans music notes printed on paper and plays them back in real-time. Available only on the Japanese App Store, for the time being.  (link)
  • Google buys about 1,000 IBM patents.  (link)
  • Dragon capsule could be first private craft to dock with the International Space Station (link)
  • 30-year-old mystery of the ‘Pioneer anomaly’ drawing to a close- heat to blame for spacecraft’s drift from expected course.  (link)
  • Archaeologist may have found the earliest known example of the protractor (link)
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